Andrew Luck’s Return

The Indianapolis Colts’ disappointing 2015 campaign was large in-part due to the absence of quarterback Andrew Luck. Now what do the Colts have to look forward to in 2016?

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Luck’s Health and New Strategy

After suffering a slew of injuries in 2015, a lacerated kidney following a vicious, folding hit from a Denver Broncos defender, ultimately became what ended Luck’s season in week 9.

Granted, the Colts were 3-5 heading into the game, so even with Luck, the team was a train wreck. But leaks and reports surfaced that the QB had been dealing with shoulder injuries all season, to boot. And now, after not playing football since November 8, aside from the Colts bolstering the offensive line, there are changes Luck clearly has to make to his game to avoid these same injuries.

“You’re always looking at self-evaluating after a season, but there definitely were some things last year that affect how I approach this year mentally, physically, emotionally in a sense,” Luck told reporters at the team’s voluntary workouts on Monday. “It started with a good training offseason before this and it’ll continue now.”

Andrew Luck and the Colts will begin their journey toward Super Bowl 51 in Houston on September 11, facing the Detroit Lions at home.

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