7th Best NFL Player: Andrew Luck

On July 8th 2015, Andrew Luck was voted the 7th best player in the NFL directly behind Calvin Johnson the receiver for the Lions. The fact that makes this statistic so impressive is that Andrew Luck has just finished his third season as a professional quarterback, however it is well deserved. He has a slew of stats that backed his rank. He had a 61.7% pass completion percentage, amassed a franchise record-breaking 4,761 passsing yards, 40 touchdown passes, and 16 interceptions which resulted in a passer rating of 96.5. On top of that, he also had 273 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns.

Andrew luck has become a huge threat to every defenses secondary. He is very poised in the pocket. He has the size and speed to tuck the ball, run effectively if he gets flushed out. Not only is he an incredible athlete, but he is also an incredible leader on and off the field for his team. He will definitely continue to tear defenses apart, and with the new offensive weapons that the colts have acquired he has a pretty good shot at earning his first MVP award in 2015.

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