A Super Bowl with a Difference: 2014 Super Bowl at Met Life Stadium

Visual Treat – Best in Technology:

The stadium prides itself in featuring more HD square footage than any other building in the United States!

The technology highlights promise to be a feast for your eyes.

  •  Four massive 30 x 118 foot HD video display boards in each stadium corner
  •  48″ x 2200′ ribbon board that circles the interior bowl
  •  2,100+ HD monitors throughout the stadium
  •  (20) HD video pylons ranging from 20′-60′ around

The stadium is amongst the few in the world that have a distinct outer skin of aluminum louvers and interior lighting that can switch colors in no time.

A Break from Tradition:

The stadium, unlike others that have hosted the Super Bowl before, does not have a dome overhead, contrary to traditional NFL mandates that host cities should have a minimum temperature of 50 degrees or a climate-controlled indoor stadium. This is sure to make it all the more exciting for football lovers rooting for their favorite teams battling all odds to lift the coveted trophy.

Suites Offer Incredible Sight Lines:

With a seating capacity of 82,566 including 10,005 club seats, MetLife boasts of having one of the best sightlines in the NFL. You can even go a step higher by opting from among the 200 luxury suites offered at MetLife.

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